CIGRE, Tromsø 2019

Tromsø, Norway 24th – 28th June 2019

Things to do in Tromsø

Are you up for the Challenge? Join Midnight Sun Marathon 22 June 2019

Saturday, June 22nd, 2019, MSM organize the 30th edition of Midnight Sun Marathon(MSM).  Runners from all over the world are coming to Tromsø to run in the Arctic and the land of the Midnight sun. The courses are controlled and certified by Hugh Jones in AIMS “Association of International Marathon and Distance Races”. Approximately 6000 runners take on the streets of Tromsø every year. No matter level and age, there is a distance for you during MSM. You can choose between: Marathon, Mizuno Half Marathon, TINE Mila (10k), Coop Mini Marathon (4,2k) and Kids marathon (800m). (Photo: Truls Tiller/Midnight Sun Marathon) Read more at Midnight Sun Marathon official website:

In 2019 they celebrate 30th anniversary, and we hope you join us for the celebration!

“Intriguing, unique and breathtaking: the Midnight Sun Marathon is an unforgettable Arctic experience”.
– Dan Quarrell, Eurosport –

Fjellheisen - Proud supplier of views in Tromsø since 1961

Experience Tromsø’s best view!

The cable car runs from Solliveien in Tromsdalen up to the mountain ledge Storsteinen (421 m above sea level) in just four minutes. The two gondolas, known as Seal and Polar bear, each have a capacity of 28 passengers. From the viewing platform at the upper station, you can enjoy spectacular panoramic views of Tromsø and the surrounding islands, mountains and fjords. At the fully licensed Fjellstua restaurant, you can enjoy a delicious dinner based on local produce or select light meals from the café menu, while you take pleasure in the view. Read more.

Polaria - an Arctic Experience!

Housed in a very distinctive building that represents ice floes that have been pressed up on land by the rough seas of the Arctic, you will discover Polaria, just five minutes walk from the centre of Tromsø. Polaria has an Arctic aquarium, interesting knowledge-based exhibits, a panoramic cinema, and a gift and souvenir shop. In our panoramic cinema, you can look forward to the Ivo Caprino film "Svalbard - Arctic Wilderness"and the Ole C. Salomonsen production "Northern Lights in Arctic Norway".

In the aquarium the main attraction are the bearded seals. The bearded seal is an arctic species, and they are very popular among children and adults alike, due to their quiet disposition and intelligent nature. The aquarium has interesting exhibits of the most common species of fish in the Barents Sea. The Polaria shop is an original gift and souvenir shop with a wide variety of local crafts, seal products, books, toys and other souvenirs related to our theme. We also have a cafeteria that is open every day, year round. Welcome to Polaria!

Welcome to the Polar Museum

Stories about winter trapping and expeditions to the Arctic
Tromsø has been the North Norwegian capital of sealing. Following its establishment as the “Gateway to the Arctic” in the late 19th century, Tromsø became a key as a base for many polar expeditions. The Polar Museum preserves and conveys stories related to this aspect of the history of Tromsø and the Arctic. Read more at the official web-site: Polar museum 
Photo: (c) Bård Løken/