CIGRE, Tromsø 2019

Tromsø, Norway 24th – 28th June 2019

Contribution templates and guidelines

SC B5 Colloquia and Discussion Sessions are run with the “Special Reporter” system, i.e. selected papers are not presented individually by authors, but are incorporated in a “Special Report” which sets forth the essence of the papers and structures their discussion, in the form of ‘Questions’ calling for contributions from the audience.


All colloquium delegates can (and are encouraged to) contribute to the discussion by preparing a short presentation (i.e. 2-3 min) as an answer to the different questions raised in the special report. Templates for these prepared contributions can be downloaded from this site.  


For the different Preferential Subjects (PS) the typical session will look like this:

  1. Introduction - Special reporter presents his report
  2. Discussion - Delegates presenting their prepared answers to the different questions
  3. Spontaneous Contributions
  4. Summary – Special reporter summarizes the discussion


For more information and details, see the document "Guidelines for SCB5 Discussion Contributors".


The colloquium papers are presented during the poster session. Here the authors can present some details of their papers, while visitors can discuss directly with them.


Important dates: