CIGRE, Tromsø 2019

Tromsø, Norway 24th – 28th June 2019

Call for papers



The CIGRE B5 colloquium brings together experts and key players of Protection and Automation systems for the electric power industry: System Operators, Manufacturers, Engineers, Policy Makers, Regulators and Academics. The conference will be a unique forum to share exciting new research, to raise issues and awareness, to discuss future directions, and to network with leading professionals.


Papers are invited on any topics of interest falling within the following three preferential subjects.

PS 1: Leveraging PMU data for better Protection, Automation and Control Systems

  • Use of PMU data to improve system models and to monitor analogue inputs
  • Adaptive protection concepts utilizing PMU data
  • Wide area schemes, novel backup protection, power swing protection, and synchronizing       schemes based on PMU data
  • Improvements in PACS commissioning and post‐event analysis using PMU data

PS 2: Time in Protection Applications – Time sources and distribution Methods 

  • Sources and distribution of time references in PACS and Wide Area Systems and the             related accuracy
  • Engineering of time synchronisation and time reference distribution for IEC 61850                   process bus based protection and control applications
  • Commissioning and testing of time reference sources and distribution means
  • Expected behaviour of PACS functions in case of loss and recovery of time                               synchronisation

PS 3: Future technologies for inter‐substation communication, Migrating Digital Teleprotection Channels to Packet‐Based Networks

  • Migration of Serial Teleprotection Channels to Packet‐Based Networks and best practices       for specifying, testing, commissioning and monitoring
  • Specification of channel or network performance, data transmission and management of         constraints for PACS

  • Data Segregation including use of virtual networks and WDM (Wavelength‐Division                 Multiplexing) for PACS and performance analysis methods
  • Substitution of serial interface: Technologies, topologies, constraints and experience               feedback